Image: boxes stacked in a living room

Large Items
A pain in the neck?  Not with the right equipment!  We have all the required equipment and know-how to move your hot tub, safe, piano, and pool tables professionally and without damage.  Be careful who you choose to move these items, this is something you want a specialist to do for you. Phoenix Movers, Labor Only Moving Company Arizona, Safe moves are something we do daily, we have a dedicated team and can assure you that our price is much more reasonable than the competitors.

Packing & Unpacking
The part of moving that everyone hates to do and saves until the last minute! Don’t worry, we have you covered.  If you need us to professionally pack your boxes and containers so that nothing is damaged and they aren’t overloaded, we have no problem doing that for you.  We are all extensively trained with this and can pack it up in no time! Ask us about bringing the materials so you can sit back and relax! We are here to help

Moving Labor
Do you need an extra set of strong & experienced hands for your move? GET MOVING Home and Office offers moving labor only services for those jobs you simply just need some help with. It’s almost half the cost too! Your top Phoenix Movers.

Loading & Unloading
Let our experts pack your truck to the max! We take pride in our abilities when it comes to packing a truck, trailer, or storage unit. You can rest assured that we will squeeze every last inch out of the allotted space. Call us today to ensure your belongings are properly stacked with loading & unloading services by GET MOVING Home and Office.

Furniture Assembly
Do you have furniture that needs to be taken apart and assembled? No problem! Our crews come equipped with a 500 piece tool kit on every job. *See Equipment Below* We have a ton of experience taking apart bed frames, hutches, entertainment centers etc. Phoenix Movers, Labor Only Moving Company Arizona. We will wrap and unwrap these items professionally to avoid potential damage.

On any normal day our sales call sound like this, client “Sharon” said moving companies near me all have bad reviews so how can I trust them? The next call will go like this, “Lori” says there are a lot of movers near me all offering two men truck for $20 so how do I decide? Let me tell you that moving companies are not created equal, do your research, browse their website, call and have a conversation. If you don’t get the “warm fuzzies” over the phone, you probably won’t feel it when they are moving your most prized possessions. GET MOVING Home And Office is the choice that you want to make!